Private Truths

Private Truths For two role models with their reputations on the line privacy might be a luxury they can t afford and love might be impossible After returning from service Army veteran Jack McCall fought his way
  • Title: Private Truths
  • Author: C.B. Lewis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For two role models with their reputations on the line, privacy might be a luxury they can t afford, and love might be impossible.After returning from service, Army veteran Jack McCall fought his way back from addiction and joined a charity supporting homeless veterans in London, where he became an inspiration to others He approaches Edward Marsden, Viscount Routhsley, aFor two role models with their reputations on the line, privacy might be a luxury they can t afford, and love might be impossible.After returning from service, Army veteran Jack McCall fought his way back from addiction and joined a charity supporting homeless veterans in London, where he became an inspiration to others He approaches Edward Marsden, Viscount Routhsley, a known playboy and philanthropist, about sponsorship for his charity To his surprise, Edward isn t the shallow pleasure seeker everyone assumes, and he and Edward share many interests Little by little, they are drawn together in spite of the different worlds they come from.But for two men in the public eye, happiness won t be so easily achieved Edward fears coming out as gay will shift attention from his charity work, and Jack worries his relationship with the aristocrat will undermine the integrity of his foundation They come under intense scrutiny, leading to an inevitable clash between Jack and the press who won t stop harassing them As what they ve built comes crashing down, Jack and Edward must make a choice continue presenting the facade the public expects, or expose the private truths in their hearts so they can be together.
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      C.B. Lewis

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    1. A book lover from infancy, C.B has been writing and telling stories for as long as she can remember Based in Edinburgh, she has diverse tastes and will quite happily attempt to write any genre, but always come back to history, fantasy, and sci fi like an old friend C B Lewis is small and Scottish and can often be spotted perched around historical monuments with her notepad and pen She has been writing and telling tales for almost as long as she can remember, and has a brain that constantly fizzes with an abundance of ideas If she s not working on half a dozen things at once, it should be considered a slow day She loves to travel and just has one continent left to complete her travel bingo card A lot of the travel has also been research based, and if pointed at any historical event, she will research it vociferously, just because she can Normally, she is based in Edinburgh, where she tends toward the hermit lifestyle, needing nothing but a kettle, a constant supply of tea, and of course the internet There are no cats, no puppies, no significant others, only a lot of ideas, and an awful lot of typing And occasionally, cake Never forget the cake.

    2. Tag Team Review w Sara FIVE HEARTS I love reading romance.I love reading about all types of protagonists the socially awkward, the ultra suave, the shy, the grumpy, etc Hell even the super possessive alpha has a place and time Call it fantasy, guilty pleasure, whatever, just give me a good romance where the main characters have to work for a happy ending, and you will have a fan in me.Private Truths by C.B Lewis did this for me, hooked me with layered main characters who didn t expect love to be [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI really, really enjoyed this Edward and Jack are dreamy together the first part of the book reminded me of the movie Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts but a few things threw me off just enough to drop a half star.The honeymoon period was so short it made my head spin One minute they were having an emotion filled sexual encounter and the next an angst wall hit them full force For the healing comfort during the PTSD symptoms, I really needed a stronger connection for these b [...]

    4. C.B Lewis is definitely one of my favorite new to me authors that I discovered in 2016 Private Truths is the 4th story of hers that I read and it s another satisfying one.Jack is an army veteran who works at Those Returned, a charity for veterans Jack finds himself being drawn toward Edward Marsden, Viscount Routhsley who sponsors the charity Despite the differences of their social status, Jack and Edward decide to give the attraction a chance Until news from a tabloid that has been speculating [...]

    5. First, the good stuff Interesting MCs I especially liked that Jack was so vulnerable and his PTSD wasn t brushed aside, and that Edward was not a typical self absorbed nobleman he was charming and genuinely interested in people Flirting The chemistry between Jack and Edward was palpable from the beginning Great secondary characters, particularly Matilda Decent amount of steam HEA I loved the last chapter And that brings me to the not so good stuff Lots and lots of angst and drama Jack s PTSD the [...]

    6. 3.5 stars This was a new to me author, and I quite enjoyed the book see what I did there with my British accent The story is very well written, especially right out of the gate Edward is a posh aristocrat, who is used to the paparazzi Jack is a war veteran, who is also used to the paparazzi because he is often seen handing out food and other essentials to the homeless veterans around town He s a bit of a quiet hero to those he serves.When these two meet, it s lightning and serious chemistry at f [...]

    7. 5 Hearts Tag team review with my fellow ginger loving SRAL This was romantic Oh so romantic with an engaging plot and character development that kept me so bloody glued to the page and in the story, I forgot to eat Yeah, it was one of those books So before I get into this review, I need to say that I have five pages of notes and quotes that I don t know what to do with There is so much in this story, so much than the blurb even alludes to that I don t know where to begin or what to share withou [...]

    8. Privacy is something most of us take for granted, at least where our personal lives are concerned I know I d never miss mine unless it was threatened and then I m sure I d realize quite quickly that it is a treasure to be protected, especially when it comes under attack Lack of privacy is something celebrities and politicians face on a daily basis, but how they deal with it varies from person to person.The two main characters of this novel, Army vet Jack and aristocrat Edward, are both in the pu [...]

    9. 4.5 stars Okay C.B Lewis this is 3 for 3 from you I am in love with your writing and stories You are so close to being a favorite author for me Definitely an auto buy for me Time Lost is on my Best Books of 2016 Private Truths is a contemporary romance novel set England It s slow paced and methodical in plot I ve been dreaming of you writing a contemporary novel and you have blown my expectations This romance was steady paced with an actual plot I loved the Nobelman and the Ex Army guy falling i [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this It s an engaging contemporary romance about Edward, a very charming and debonair celebrity viscount who s also quite amusing , and Jack, an earnest army vet with both physical and mental scars Contemporary romance isn t my go to genre, but I ll always try it from a favourite author and I was definitely not disappointed Lewis writes the excellent Out of Time time travel series Time Waits is the first book and it s awesome , so I was very keen to try this new book out It s a [...]

    11. 4.25 Stars This was such a wonderful, solid read I really enjoyed it a lot I took of.75 stars because at times it was a bit slow, and Jack was in a constant state of anxiety because of what happening for a lot of the book and that made me tense in turn, which isn t so fun But I loved Jack and Edward together, they were just so wonderful together, so cute and adorable At times the sex feels a tad glossed over, but it still manages to be really hot, especially a few scenes near the end after all t [...]

    12. Jack and Edward are really likeable characters It was both sweet and sexy how they were enjoying the heat of a new relationship even as they fell easily into domesticity It was great to see Edward so supportive and nurturing with Jack, a man he had just met This guys just they re was no doubt about their being there for one another Edward was just so down to earth doing every day things himself and for Jack it was easy to forget he was a rich and powerful man Jack is such a good man and yet he d [...]

    13. Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement Army veteran Jack McCall has been working for a charity supporting returning vets in London, as well as fighting against his demons and addiction, and he s become an inspiration for others He s asked by his boss to approach Edward Marsden, Viscount Routhsley, since he s a very well known philanthropist and Those Returned needs all the help they can get [...]

    14. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I thoroughly enjoyed this story about a retired army officer from a humble background falling for the Viscount who sponsors his charity Jack is inspiring Released from the army after a serious injury, he spends his time running a charity for homeless veterans He is absolutely charming even if he s a little rough around the edges Edward has money and status, but he also spends his time working on charity ventures There is some su [...]

    15. A Joyfully Jay review 4.75 starsPrivate Truths is a wonderful novel about two men joining together under seemingly impossible odds The book is well paced and save for a few rather odd typos, it is written in a smooth, relaxing style that flows effortlessly There is a comfortableness about Private Truths that makes it seem less like a novel and like a story retold by good friends This style of writing really appeals to me and, as a result, I all but devoured the book.Jack and Edward are the driv [...]

    16. 4 starsThis is the first book I have read by this author This book starts off very slowly I at first had a hard time with the pacing I kept pushing through and then I found myself thoroughly enjoying this story.You have a retired army officer Jack McCall helping veterans He goes out at night and feeds them He goes to a party trying to stir up donations at the request of his boss He there meets Edward Marsden, Viscount Routhsley He believes him to be a playboy, as the stories are told These two m [...]

    17. This book killed me In all the best ways.Like the My Lord, and the Pervy Den, and really the way Edward and Jack interacted and bantered Even the sex scenes were fluid, and in the way that didn t overwhelm the readerSD was dealt in away that really seemed natural I can t speak about proper representation since I ve never suffered from it, but I love that it wasn t brushed aside as soon as it was convenient to the plot line or for the romance Instead, we get the perfect romance in spite of it, an [...]

    18. M M The beginning of this book was great, the ending of this book was great, but the middle became a little tedious and repetitive The point of the story of a rich nobleman falling for and supporting the charity of a lowly, down on his luck commoner The nobleman was fodder for the English gossip newspapers just because of who he was and the reporters tried everything they could get every lurid story they could, many times by prying into the life of the commoner.The writing in this book was spot [...]

    19. I liked the characters, and the writing was solid However, I wish that Edward and Jack and gotten to spend time together learning to be a couple, before all the crazy shit started hitting the fan As it was, I didn t think they had gotten to know each other well enough for Edward to take Jack into his home and do all that he did for him As long as the book ended up being, I just think it needed at the start, and less for the rest.

    20. Jack McCall and Edward Marsden were perfect for each other I really enjoyed fallowing how well they fit, even having so much trouble, because of slimy reporters As a reader I was drawn in to the game of love and charisma Their dance was awesome I liked Jack s POV, but missed Edwards Anyway, great romance in overall.

    21. Jack helps out at a shelter for veterans who ve fallen on hard times As a veteran himself, he takes his job very seriously and truly wants to help even though he s been followed around and once lost his temper at a paparazzi, making him an instant celebrity Owner of the shelter he works at, Henderson has volunteered him to put on his best suit, which he despises and mingling with the wealthy in order to ask for help with donations or monetary contribution to keep everything running smoothly and [...]

    22. At a certain point, it felt like the story just like it went on in an endless loop with the same one dimensional villains at the helm Just got a bit boring and predictable.

    23. I loved this book It s been a while since I v read a MM book that was actually good And this one is worth the read The PUNS I love when characters use cheesy puns Edward and Jack did deliver them.The relationship and banter that Jack and Edward have made me grin from ear to ear.So sweet and supportive of one another Edward really helps Jack with some of his past issues that he has been ignoring Jack helps Edward in a different way, but I can t really say too much without giving away spoilers.The [...]

    24. DNF 50% There was no chemistry in this, that I could feel and that s ended the read for me I m sad that I m missing out on what so many people clearly loved but this story was falling so flat for me I started skimming at 40% There wasn t any kind of believable dimension to the characters and the personal drama felt manufactured and bland An overall lacking of depth Sorry y all.

    25. it was a wonderful read for me I love Andrew and Jack and all the characters who supports them But what I love the most is that when trouble comes Andrew and Jack didn t grow apart, instead they talk about it and they become closer with each other It s a rather long read but every word is worth it I never skipped A proof that I love the book.It was my first book by C.B Lewis, and I m sure it ll never be the last.

    26. Loved it I could not put it down and read it in one sitting I loved all the British phrases, was quite pleased that I knew so many of them myself.

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