The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment We live our lives in a discontented world and it is all too easy for the Christian to share its spirit This book remedies this spiritual disease in practical biblical ways
  • Title: The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment
  • Author: Jeremiah Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780851510910
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • We live our lives in a discontented world and it is all too easy for the Christian to share its spirit This book remedies this spiritual disease in practical biblical ways.
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      Jeremiah Burroughs

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    1. Jeremiah Burroughs or Burroughes was baptized in 1601 and admitted as a pensioner at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1617 He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1621 and a Master of Arts degree in 1624 His tutor was Thomas Hooker.Burroughs s ministry falls into four periods, all of which reveal him as a zealous and faithful pastor First, from about 1627 until 1631, he was assistant to Edmund Calamy at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Both men became members of the Westminster Assembly Both men strongly opposed King James s Book of Sports Both refused to read the king s proclamation in church that dancing, archery, vaulting, and other games were lawful recreations on the Lord s Day.Second, from 1631 to 1636, Burroughs was rector of Tivetshall, Norfolk, a church that still stands today Despite the best efforts of his patron, Burroughs was suspended in 1636 and deprived in 1637 for refusing to obey the injunctions of Bishop Matthew Wren, especially regarding the reading of the Book of Sports, and the requirements to bow at the name of Jesus and to read prayers rather than speak them extemporaneously.Third, from 1638 to 1640, Burroughs lived in the Netherlands, where he was teacher of a congregation of English Independents at Rotterdam, formerly ministered by William Ames William Bridge was the pastor and Sidrach Simpson had established a second like minded church in the city Thus, three future dissenting brethren were brought together, all of whom would serve as propagandists for congregationalism later in the 1640s.In the final period from 1640 to his death in 1646, Burroughs achieved great recognition as a popular preacher and a leading Puritan in London He returned to England during the Commonwealth period and became pastor of two of the largest congregations in London Stepney and St Giles, Cripplegate At Stepney, he preached early in the morning and became known as the morning star of Stepney He was invited to preach before the House of Commons and the House of Lords several times Thomas Brooks called him a prince of preachers As a member of the Westminster Assembly, Burroughs sided with the Independents, but he remained moderate in tone, acting in accord with the motto on his study door Opinionum varietas et opinantium unitas non sunt variety of opinion and unity of opinion are not incompatible Richard Baxter said, If all the Episcopalians had been like Archbishop Ussher, all the Presbyterians like Stephen Marshall, and all the Independents like Jeremiah Burroughs, the breaches of the church would soon have been healed In 1644, Burroughs and several colleagues presented to Parliament their Apologetical Narration, which defended Independency It attempted to steer a middle course between Presbyterianism, which they regarded as too authoritarian, and Brownism, which they regarded as too democratic This led to division between the Presbyterians and Independents Burroughs served on the committee of accommodation, which tried to reconcile the differences, but on March 9, 1646, he declared on behalf of the Independents that presbyteries were coercive institutions Burroughs said he would rather suffer or emigrate than submit to presbyteries Ultimately, the division between Presbyterians and Independents helped promote the cause of prelacy after the death of Oliver Cromwell.Burroughs pursued peace to the end He died in 1646, two weeks after a fall from his horse The last subject on which he preached became his Irenicum to the Lovers of Truth and Peace, an attempt to heal divisions between believers Many of his friends believed that church troubles hastened his death.Burroughs was a prolific writer, highly esteemed by Puritan leaders of his day, some of whom published his writings after his death Nearly all of his books are compilations of sermons.

    2. In typical puritan style, not for the faint of heart When you get to the point that you are done with pop christianity and McChristian books, look no farther than this book for weighty, spiritual depth and life changing principles Read slowly in order to digest everything It is packed full of sound principles not to be skimmed in a day But worth all the effort.

    3. This series of sermons by the Puritan Burroughs is a rare jewel of solid counsel and instruction for those battling discontent in their souls.Discontent is all around us We vent it in coffee shops to friends Ads for the next cool thing cultivate it for us In one of the most prosperous societies ever, discontent rages.Contentment is an inward, quiet submission of the heart, which takes pleasure in God s providence in every situation So says Burroughs Many have contentment who don t have much, and [...]

    4. One of my friends encouraged me to read this book in preparation for a talk I was asked to give on the topic of contentment She even let me borrow her copy so that I could read it Mr Burroughs first published the book in 1648, and it is loaded with wonderful insights, vivid analogies, helpful explanations, and practical applications One of the most striking explanations that I gleaned from the book is that most Christians don t handle affliction or loss with contentment because they don t expect [...]

    5. Quite simply one of the best books I have ever read Every Christian in America needs to read this book We complain and complain, or as Burroughs says, Murmur, Murmur, Murmur No matter our circumstance, the current economic problems, or whatever, we find our contentment in Christ and Christ alone Please, people who read this, read this book and be changed Thanks be to God that in His providence He raised up men like Burroughs to write things like this Soli Deo Gloria

    6. This book was very profitable and helpful to me in this day of materialism, covetousness, and greed Even though I have a very comfortable life, I still find myself complaining and worrying whether outwardly or in my heart about trivial matters, and this book really helped put everything into proper perspective I was concerned about attempting to read a book that was written in 1648 by a Puritan author, but Burroughs writing style is very readable, certainly no difficult than a KJV Bible Burroug [...]

    7. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment A short review By Jeremiah BurroughsI started reading this book, providentially, at the same time I faced chronic health issues that sapped my energy and forced me to be house bound and mostly couch bound What a blessing from the Lord This book challenged me to keep my heart in the right place, trust the Lord, and seek the spiritual growth that comes from affliction.This is an excellent, easy to read, manual for every believer on the importance of contentm [...]

    8. This exposition of Philippians 4 11 by Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs defines Christian contentment as that sweet, inward quiet gracious frame of spirit, which freely submits to and delights in God s wise and fatherly disposal in every condition It is a heart condition that is so opposite that of 21st century culture, which has ingrained me and so many others with serial discontent Burroughs notes that being well skilled in the mystery of Christian contentment is the duty, glory, and excellence of a [...]

    9. When I read the Puritans, I sometimes wonder why I read anything else This book is a 228 page treatment of Paul s declaration that he had learned to be content in every circumstance Burroughs analyzes the subject of contentment from about every imaginable angle, and shows a timeless acquaintance with the workings of the human heart Put asunder any fear that this 17th work will be hard to understand it is plain spoken, practical and profound.

    10. I wish I could give this book than 5 stars If there is a needed message to our culture today than the lesson of Christian contentment, I don t know what it is And if anyone could thoroughly and biblically teach it than Jeremiah Burroughs here does, I don t know who he is

    11. A surprisingly calming read Surprise Elizabethans had the same problems as us A very wise book with loads of insightful quotes, as thus Especially is this the case with those who besides their corruptions have a large measure of melancholy The Devil works both upon the corruptions of their hearts and the melancholy disease of their bodies, and though much grace may lie underneath, yet under affliction there may be some risings against God himself Note that this precedes all modern psychology, an [...]

    12. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment had a really good message Oh, so necessary, too Don t lie to me we are all discontent now and again It might be over little things I get discontent when I m the one doing the dishes again or over big things some struggle with coveting their neighbor s belongings , but we all struggle with it now and again It s ok Jeremiah Burroughs was a preacher of Europe wide renown, and he even admits to the occasional struggle In his moderate length exposition on the r [...]

    13. One of the few books that is applicable to every Christian.I would love to preach a sermon series or teach a Sunday School series on this book It is that good I will be using the wisdom of Rev Burroughs in my ministry.

    14. Incredibly encouraging, convicting, and penetrating in typical Puritan fashion A great reminder here at the beginning of 2018, which is bound to occasion the temptation to envy and grumble and wallow in discontentment just like 2017 did A prideful, self entitled complainer like myself needs the regular diagnosis of soul doctors like Burroughs.

    15. A clasic puritan work that will challenge your selfish thoughts and help you discover contentment.Burroughs is comprehensive, insightful, engineer like I recommend looking at the table of contents and lingering on sections that will most help your soul with contentment I will return to parts of this again and again.The book is available for free on line I read this version preachtheword bookstorQuotes Contentment is the inward, quiet, gracious frame of spirit, freely submitting to and taking ple [...]

    16. An excellent book Jeremiah Burroughs British Puritan delivered this originally as a series of messages to his congregation Burroughs has a very readable style full of excellent meditations on the sin of discontent.quotes A gracious heart so esteems its union with Christ and the work that God sets it about that it will not willingly suffer anything to come in to choke it or deaden it A godly man may very well be content, though he has only a little, for what he does have he has by right of Jesus [...]

    17. I first read this with a bible study group back in undergrad I started re reading it in the summer of 2011 and it took me an entire year to finish it It s one of those books where you chew on the words carefully and try to get the most flavor out of them as possible You wouldn t think the lesson of contentment could take approximately 200 pages to talk about, but Burroughs has made it clear that it s a lesson well worth learning and it s a lesson we will learn and re learn our entire lives I don [...]

    18. What a book I thoroughly enjoyed it The book really seemed to have two themes 1 Taking stock and recognizing the multitude of God s providential gifts.2 How to reason with your heart when the providence of God brings you low.This book is one I should probably re read every year to work the truth and thought processes contained therein into my thick head In light of the wealthy land in which we live, how much should we American Christians excel in this mark of contentment All that God has given [...]

    19. Firstly, this book goes well paired with Thomas Brooks Heaven On Earth , which I ve already read This book deals with keeping a content heart whether we re in a time of comfort or time of affliction It goes deep on the subject of Christian contentment, how it s opposite murmuring in dissatisfaction is dangerous and what objections people might have for murmuring , plus finally how to find a way to grow into stable contentment which is a process not happening instantly but takes time but is worth [...]

    20. One of those few books that could easily be read and re read over and over again, a few pages a day along with the Bible It is that good, that deep, that challenging, and though convicting is simultaneously encouraging and lifts your soul to see the things of Christ The author, in classic Puritan systematic style, first describes what Christian Contentment is Then explains the mystery of contentment as it is opposite to so much of what the world preaches to us He goes on to show how Christ teach [...]

    21. This book I read it verrrry slowly, in little increments for over two years , but each time I picked it up I benefitted from clear truth about the treasures I have in Christ treasures which completely overshadow any suffering or sadness I might experience in this world It was kind of like a spiritual kick up the backside when I m tending to complain or grumble um, every day , this book is fantastic medicine Burroughs pulls no punches Through lots of changes move of country, three house moves, jo [...]

    22. A well presented study on contentment, why it matters, and how to develop it Burroughs is, I think, at his strongest when he is debunking the various common excuses for discontentment However, I found The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel a meditation on the many workings of Providence in our lives and the myriad ways God has blessed us much encouraging and effective at dispelling discontentment in my own life Although I confess that may be due at least in part to my preference for Flavel s [...]

    23. The book took awhile to get thru since it a thoughtful book I have read several books on contentment I am not sure I can say if any book is better I think each have built upon themselves The contentment that Jeremiah Burroughs was focused on was afflictions We can have contentment in our afflictions because by doing so we give honor to God and grace to all people Grace is key contentment There are several things that stuck with me on this book and learning contentment is a quiet heart and soul [...]

    24. Likely one of my top 5 all time reads First read in 2005 I especially enjoyed this re read after reading a Burroughs biography earlier this year I have recommended this book countless times and will continue to do so An incredibly thorough examination of the topic of contentment, specially using verses in Philippians I appreciate that Burroughs writes about the importance of an ongoing battle for contentment in the lives of Christians and this 400 years ago Specifically, his arguments start with [...]

    25. Burroughs is very convicting and reminds me that no matter how many trials there are in life, there are infinitely many mercies I have a family, a home, a job, health, and most importantly, a Saviour, none of which I deserve When I murmur against my condition, I murmur against God who has put me in this position to teach me something or for some other purpose Quite an indictment against complaining

    26. I needed this book I need to read it again Sometimes I found it difficult to follow the writer s train of thought, but it may have been his style that occasionally made it hard But most of the time, what he was saying was clear, biblical and helpful.

    27. A Puritan top tens Amazing how much instruction can be squeezed out from thoughtful meditation by these giants from the past.

    28. Biblical, pastoral advice on Christian contentment Burroughs draws on the Bible to walk through many ways to fight discontent and replace it with contentment The lessons are timeless they re just as true today as when the book was published by the Puritan preacher in 1651 It s somewhat repetitive, but the lessons are worth repeating.Burroughs explains that contentment comes from within trusting God , not from acquiring things from the outside He also reminds us that our salvation is a greater me [...]

    29. This book was bitter in the mouth but sweet in the stomach to use a turn of phrase that I think the Puritan author himself would be pleased with I think it s an excellent resource for discerning Christian readers The sweet It is an extremely thorough and pastoral treatment of Christian contentment Burroughs holds up and examines at length the jewel of a contented heart, then delivers strong warnings about the evil of discontent and the excuses made by a murmuring heart, before laying out very p [...]

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